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Dark Iron - Living and Active Roster by MindofGemini Dark Iron - Living and Active Roster by MindofGemini
EDIT for DISCLAIMER: In past versions of DI Rosters, I've had to put this up. It stopped happening for awhile, so when I put posted this version, I didn't bother, but I'm putting one in now because it's happening again.
Despite the vague similarities between these characters the Midnight Crew from Homestuck, these characters were not in any way based on or inspired by them. As a fun bit of trivia, I didn't know what Homstuck was, until after I'd been sharing the first Ferrumites somebody asked if they were related to the Intermission. I was lost.
I looked into this "Intermission" and saw the potential association-similarity, and while I have since become a fan of homestuck, these characters were made before I knew what it was, and it's only from people assuming this that I even learned about/discovered the webcomic.
I do like Homestuck, put please, I'd appreciate it if the comparisons were left out. Or, if you're going to compare, do not assume I made these characters based on the characters you're comparing them to. It literally is coincidence, and one has to keep in mind that Hussie did not invent gangsters, and he did not invent characters with dark grey skin tones. He didn't even invent combining the two, it's happened in fiction before him, before me, quite a lot. An example of something you are attached to doesn't make it the 'original' example that any other examples must obviously be basing themselves.

---Now for the relevant stuff---

The Dark Iron syndicate are an organized crime ring that exist in the city of Purgatory ((where most of Timothy Gorefester takes place)). They are important to the plot, but we see more the results of their actions than they themselves, canonically ((although they do get more focus as time goes on, they and their intentions are vague and ambiguous for the most part at the beginning of the overarching plot)).

Note: These are the active members who are openly associated with the Syndicate ((sans Cats Cradle, who is newly made but I can add him later)). There is a wider network of Syndicate associates, many of whom are not even Ferrumites, but keep their connections to the Dark Iron secret or under the table, for obvious reasons.

All ferrumites have pupils, by the way, but can subdue them whenever they so choose. Syndicate members often do this, as void eyes tend to look more intimidating. If they have their pupils visible when with you, that's generally a sign they trust you.

If you're wondering how the fuck their horns fit in those hats, it's because the hats are magic or something. Paper has to have his pants made the same way.

Some quick, spoiler-free bios, in the order they appear on the page ((which is no real order in particular)):

The Kid

20Q is Paper’s son, who due to some rather unfortunate circumstances regarding his birth, entered the world rather premature and never got to meet his mother.

He’s actually 14 and soon to be 15, but is kind of small and looks younger than he is. He hates this.

20Q is kind of a brat and can be a grating, cocky smartmouth, but he does look up to his father and has very little angst regarding the environment he’s been brought up into. He did often wish he could more easily pal around with other kids his age when was younger, and even now feels a bit out of the loop when it comes to actual friends.

He tries to emulate his father to a degree, but has yet to fully grasp the subtleties ((or possibly is ignoring them)) as he’s gotten into a bit of a habit of shooting anybody/anything that remotely bothers him if he thinks that’s the quickest way to make the annoyance stop.

Timothy tries to keep 20Q’s growing trigger-happy to a minimum if he’s around, and the two have forged a strange friendship.

The Boss

The leader, who is quite competent but more than a little eccentric. Many people, including the other Syndicate, often have trouble entirely figuring him out sometimes. Nonetheless, he's dedicated and has the best interests of his men and women at heart; sadly, this attachment can bite him in the ass sometimes, as it did when he lost his wife many years back.

Paper is a heavy drinker, and I mean HEAVY drinker; in his weaker moments, he does not even drink alcohol but dithyl ether. Sometimes by itself. Luckily, he is quite functional for the addict that he is.

He's also notoriously promiscuous.

He likes to screw around with his opponents and enemies, bordering on troll levels when it comes to Dagget, whom he hates with an appropriately burning passion. The feeling is mutual.

Strong, but not without weakness, he often has to bury his own problems inside himself to remain composed for the sake of keeping the group in check.

Second in Command

Rock is the very embodiment of NOT fun. He isn’t overtly cruel or anything, just really really grumpy and a stick in the mud. He’s kind of like Red Forman with a Russian accent and the ability to set you on fire or break you in half.

Sounds like pure whimsy doesn’t it?

Gruff and to-the-point, he does not fuck around, and although he is quick to anger, it's a rather tranquil fury he has... usually.

He is in a committed relationship with Double Dutch, and she’s the only one who can get away with teasing him about being a curmudgeon. Which she does. A lot.

The Knife Nut

Despite being in the three matching nicknames with Paper and Rock, Scissors does not have any commanding privilege over the other Syndicate members. He, Paper, and Rock joined about the same time, and the former kingpin grouped them together. Back then, Paper was not that close to Rock or Scissors, although they had crossed paths a few times when they were teens, and Paper had gone out of his way to help Scissors, who was having a VERY rough and confusing time in high school.

Extremely eager to ever get to gut or kill things, and has some problems with zoosadism, although he has conquered that ((for the most part)); Paper forced him to take care of a cat he'd maimed and Scissors grew attached to it, and now keeps it as a pet.

It’s for the best Scissors has no authority, really; he’s not the most emotionally or mentally stable fellow. He doesn’t care to be in charge much anyway, and has a great deal of admiration for Paper, being blindly loyal to him. Which is good, because Paper has to tell Scissors to take it easy with the murdering now and then

Red Light and Green Light
The Stoplight Twins

Simply put, these two are massive smartass trolls, always eager to taunt and screw with their enemies. Or allies. They’re not necessarily picky about who they harass, and their tricks can often have deadly results for any and all involved, but they don’t really care. It should be noted, though, that even if they pick on you, it’s generally a sign that they care.

“Did you not hear about what happened to the last person we genuinely disliked?”

Their auxiliary powers are complimentary to each other, and involve minor temporal displacement, though the specifics are not publicly known. There’s a rumor going around that they are not twins at all, but the same person after they fucked something up when practicing with this aforementioned time manipulation.

They deny this claim when serious because their abilities are not powerful enough to accomplish such a thing, but if it means toying with people, they will say it is true

Patty Cake
The Toxic Healer

Outwardly timid and clingy and emotionally dependent to a very unhealthy degree, but inwards somewhat manipulative, Patty Cake is the youngest living member of the Syndicate sans 20Q at 19 years of age ((though she certainly looks younger than that, and was 15 when first joining)).

Her auxiliary power is rapid healing of those she is in direct physical contact with, something that is quite useful in a world like Metacore, and for a group that has not the time to waste waiting on respawns.

This extends not only to bodily ailments, but to some degree, mental illnesses as well. It was for this reason Paper tolerated how uncomfortably close she kept trying to attach herself to Simon ((who at the time was also wary of the situation)), though at this point he thoroughly regrets allowing it, as what was once a precocious admirer giving therapy has evolved into a very disturbing and unhealthy relationship for them both.

It is unsure exactly who between Simon and Patty is causing more damage to the other, but at this point, they have become emotional crutches for each other and Paper is still trying to figure out how to properly handle the situation

Simon Says
The Disturbed


This is where I’d describe the character… but please do not get me started on this guy. If I tried to detail Simon’s personality and therefore his mental…. issues I’ll be here all damn night. Also I’d have to avoid spoilers because what he’s like is the result of them.

LONG STORY SHORT he was Paper’s best friend growing up, and still is for the most part, but well over a decade ago his head got stuck in a bucket of doolally and its only continued to sink further and further into said bucket over time.

Acting calm, cool, and eerily collected when interacting with others, but behind closed doors, he's an extremely unstable, full blown psychotic who is barely hanging on to whatever is left of his sanity, and prone to snapping into full on episode of HEYZEUS FUCKING KRISTO.


The Screw-Up

Jumpy, uncoordinated, and painfully unlucky, Sorry is the butt of jokes from everybody, including his fellow Syndicate members. Even Patty Cake takes the piss out of him, which is pretty sad. He speaks with a stutter, and is terribly spineless; a doormat, he absorbs the abuse and has resigned himself to being a chew toy.

Normally, he would have never even attempted this ‘career’ ((even if he could hope to get into it)) but after his father, Dodgeball, who was one of the greatest members the Syndicate knew, perished, Sorry had no one and wanted nothing more than to live up to his father.

Most assume Paper only permitted him so everybody could get a laugh out of watching the kid screw up everything he does, and have a team punching bag, but he really does worry about Sorry and secretly did it more out of pity/wanting to keep an eye on the now-orphaned son of somebody he knew and admired.

He uses a crowbar when he must fight because the last time he was granted access to a loaded firearm, it was a disaster.

The Space Cadet

Rather lazy, inattentive, and severely wired on… something at all times, Yo-yo definitely lies in the realm of people who you’d question their worth as an ally until you see just how effectively they can get the job done.

Eerily calm, her placid grin and laid-back mannerisms get disturbingly dissonant when she’s garrote-wiring enemies or bludgeoning their skulls in. She has an extensive collection of yo-yo toys, each of which she has named and many of which possess unique abilities, which she can summon from the ether at any time.

Because her calm, vaguely friendly monotone voice never changes, and because she’s always intoxicated by some kind of dubious substance, one can never be entirely sure when she means the things she says, be they kind, insensitive, or downright strange.

She gets along okay with the others, even with Simon Says, which is probably for the best because otherwise he’d take greater issue with her being oddly immune to his psychic abilities

Double Dutch
Team Mom

Undoubtedly the most mentally stable of any of the Dark Iron Syndicate’s active living members ((in fact she’s practically normal sans the occasional professional murder)), she is very patient, be it dealing with enemies, random jerks on the street, or her own compatriots. Dutch is also one of the more openly caring members, and sometimes keeps an eye on the younger members… and Sorry.

She is, however, quite capable of being sassy, and she’s much more open to doing crazy, fun activities than say, Rock, who is a huge stick in the mud but whom she is a committed relationship with. In fact, she and Rock, despite being possibly demonic entities made of metal and fire who are active in an organized crime ring, are possibly one of the few healthy, mutually loving, ongoing and stable relationships in the entire canon.

She would very much like to start a family with Rock, but they both agree that the sort of life they live would put it all in the “too risky and too hindering” category. This is perhaps why she is so protective and maternal towards the others, 20Q in particular.

Yes, she’s a big woman, and she 100% proud of that fact. Insulting her for it will get you nowhere, and you’d more easily piss her off into “will kill you dead” mode by hurting a child.

The Informant

A less active associate of the Syndicate, she is not truly in their ranks but is nonetheless definitely an ally who is welcome with them. She finds/sells information for many factions and groups in Purgatory, but is biased in the Syndicate’s favor and will warn them of trouble heading their way without charge.

She loves gossip, and can be quite the chatterbox, but for the most part she gets along with the others just fine. She loves gold/jewelry, and as a talent for making her voice sound overly sexy/suggestive.

**Created by ~ThatCarelessFairy

The Ice Queen

Perhaps I was being a little harsh saying Rock was the embodiment of NOT fun because at least he doesn’t deliberately go out of his way to be abrasive. Hoops is really just kind of a bitch, and is NEVER out of “serious business” mode.

It’s for this reason she finds Paper and his eccentricity very infuriating, and while Hoops is far from unskilled or unintelligent, her protesting of his ((admittedly unorthodox)) methods gets really arbitrary at times.

She is Monopoly’s daughter, and he often has to be the one to tell her to simmer down and let Paper do his thing, as there is always a method to the madness.

Hoops has an instant dislike of men who try to pursue her or flirt with her, to the point monopoly doesn't even mind her having suitors as most fathers would. He just laughs as says "Heh, good luck with that."

4 Corners
The Fat Idiot

Well okay maybe that’s a bit harsh. 4 Corners isn’t THAT stupid, but he’s definitely not the brightest bulb in the box, especially when compared to the others. He’s pretty darn skilled with guns though, and he’s very eager to utilize that ability ((and likes any excuse to engage in asskicking in general)). He gets along fairly well with most of the others ((sans Hoops who fails to really get along with anyone particularly well)) and even though he’s obnoxious, even the Syndicate that make their annoyance by him clear, he either fails to grasp their agitation or doesn’t care and still tries to pal with them.

4 Corners the only one of the group who is publicly known to have already had an extended stay in prison. He has an ex-wife he dislikes vehemently but tries to be civil to her to stay in contact with his kids, who are clueless as to what line of work he’s in during the week.

Perky Female Minion

Hopscotch is a sex-crazed, acrobatic gunslinger who, despite being loud, hyper, and kind of obnoxious, seems to hang around with Hoops, her polar opposite, more than anyone else. She likes to pick on/harass the others, and Sorry is her favorite target ((though she’s come to respect Shadow Tag’s wishes to be left alone and unmolested)). Despite her ditzy girlishness, one should never underestimate her.

The gap in her teeth is actually the result of her ripping one of her own teeth out with pliers during an argument where she was accused of not being tough enough to even merit being among the Dark Iron.

Although the tooth did come back, she decided she liked the way it looked and now every time it grows back or she respawns, she gets the pliers. Needless to say, she isn’t that stable...

She loves sex, and she is not picky whatsoever.

Shadow Tag
The Assassin

Stoic, his scarred face rarely cracks any kind of emotion; it takes a LOT for him to emote, regardless of how he feels inside. He is not very social, but is loyal.

He is mute ((medically, he literally cannot speak even if he wants to)), and really prefers people stay out of his personal space / “bubble”. Really does not like being touched. At all.

Because of this it's harder to really interact with or get to know him, and being one of the Syndicate with the highest body count, he can seem threatening or intimidating. Really though, he just wants to be left alone and wouldn't hurt a fly. Unless he had to assassinate it, and the assassination was merited, of course.

The Old Guy

Hoops’ father, and the oldest member of the Syndicate still living, but perhaps surprisingly to others, is not the boss. He was close friends with the former kingpin, Chess, and respected his late friend’s decision to pass the position to Paper.

Very much so, in fact, as Hoops’ vehement agitation towards Paper is often kept in check by Monopoly having to dissuade her and assure her Chess had a reason for picking Paper, after all.

Is largely in charge of the finances and legal documents, but is somewhat old fashioned and sometimes has to share these duties with Simon Says, who is more up to date. Which isn’t that great because Monopoly is extremely suspicious of Simon and his instability.

Treats Sorry slightly less horribly than the others, perhaps to make up for the fact Hoops is one of Sorry's most venomous verbal abusers.


Artwork is all mine, all characters sans Telephone are mine. Do not copy, edit, or redistribute without my prior permission. Thank you.
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VinnyWolf Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Man, I like you and your art so much more than homestuck.
not to say that this is a ripoff or whatever, I think this is much more thought-out and developed, an I REALLY want to see these characters(as well as some of your other characters) in a story or comic. Is there one being made or made now?
MindofGemini Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
I am working on the story to which these characters belong; it's called Play Dead, and while I haven't started releasing it yet, it will be coming sometime in the future as a webcomic! Though, they are characters that don't properly fleshed out until later in the story, aside from 20Q who is one of the main characters c:

This image is also super edge; i really need to redraw / rewrite these bios, pfft.
misterballoonneko Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
is that supposed to be some kind of mafia?
i like sorry he is pretty funny
clivedoveislegal Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Okay, so everyone's like "MIDNIGHT CREW MIDNIGHT CREW OMG MIDNIGHT CREW" but I find them very unique and interesting. They have very unique designs, and much more depth and detail than the midnight crew in my opinon. (and thats saying a lot from a hardcore MC fan.)
MindofGemini Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
Hehe, thank you! ;w;
pheonix-gray Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not if you've heard someone tell you this before but I feel you've had some influence of this by something hussie related.
I'll say this.
And well make you a member of the midnight crew~.
MindofGemini Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Sighs, this again...
Actually, TGf is something I've been working on for many years, and I made the first batch of Ferrumites before I knew about Homestuck. In fact, people thinking I based them off them was how I discovered Homestuck in the first place. I had no clue what Homestuck was until somebody was like "omg are these the midnight crew???" "...the what?"

I looked into it, and while have since become a fan of MSPA and drwn inspiration for other things from it, the characters were not, and these kinds of comments are getting wearying, and I get tired of having to explain it when it's been mentioned in image descriptions multiple times. When I made this version of the roster I didn't bother putting a disclaimer because the comments had quelled in recent times, but I guess I need to put one in again. v.v

I know you probably didn't mean anything by your comment, it's just something I've heard so much and have gotten kind of worn out hearing. I assume these come from "mafia? black/greyscale skin? must be homestuck!" but no, not really. Ferrumites, which these characters all are, are an originally ceonceived fictional race, and their 'skin' tone comes from the fact they are demonic, living furnaces and have metallic hides that resemble actual wrought-iron furnaces, boilers, etc.

Just remember Homestuck did not invent the concept of gangsters, nor the concept of characters having greyscale skin. Both are concepts that have existed, and even existed combined, before my work and before Homestuck, so instant association to the example you're familiar with as though anything similar could have only been based off of it, can be really disheartening on other artists.
pheonix-gray Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
apologies since i am fairly new here(and that ive discovered homestuck by the colab on youtube) and being that there were some likeness of a midnightcrew-esq resemblence but it is just in honest opinion even if you have had them before. and i agree mobster motif has been around far longer than homestuck has(favorite being the godfather) and its nice to see it brought back to the modern day and age.
MindofGemini Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
It's cool; I'm sorry if I seemed snappy or anything it's just it happens a looot @__@
Even as a fan of Homstuck, I know all too well they are quick to associate for traits that really aren't that unique to Homestuck itself ((I saw one that went to a bookstore and flipped out thinking a book about the Zodiac had stolen its ideas from Hussie whut)).

Then again a lot of fandoms are these days 6 3 9
Willdabeast-0305 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Quick question: Why are they named after games? Just curious.
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